Fort Armistead
Fort Armistead
An Endicott period fort named in honor of Major George Armistead,
commander of Fort McHenry during the famous 1814 bombardment from
a Bristish Naval Fleet.  It is located at Hawkins Point next to the Francis
Scott Key Bridge.  Batteries here at Fort Armistead include Battery
Winchester (1900-1918), Battery McFarland (1900-1917), Battery Irons
(1900-1913), and Battery Mudge (1901-1920) which is partially destroyed.
 A mine casement is located behind Battery Mudge, and Fire Control
stations once existed just down the shoreline from the fort, but have been
buried as there has been some land filling, thus extending the shoreline
some distance into the river.  Fort Armistead had a short and quite
uneventful history.

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