Woolwich Township Nike Base
Nike Missile Base PH-58 became operational in 1957.  As
part of a nation wide self defense program initiated by the
United States Military.  The Woolwich base followed the
normal standard calling for three underground missile
magazines.  From the first day of operation it house the Nike
Ajax missile, which was a standard surface to air missile.  In
the early 1960's the base started housing the big cusion of
the Ajax missile, The Hercules Missile, which carried a small
nuclear payload designed to destroy an entire fleet of
Russian bombers.
This base was manned by active units of the US Army
including, D/176th from 1957-1958, D/2/59th from
1958-1961, and B/3/43rd from 1961-1974.  And the site
used the ABAR type of radar for its operations.  Although
the base never fired a missile in an attack, the history is long
here.  Most of the men that operated on the base lived in the
surrounding towns of Swedesboro, Repaupo, and in
The site now sits in ruin.  Most of the buildings in both the
Radar site and the Launcher site are still there, but have not
faired to well to the test of time.  And talks have reimerged
in the township of Woolwich to have the site redeveloped.  
Most people don't know how close the U.S. actually came to
a full out war with the USSR.  But sites like this that scatter
the country side remind us everyday that in those times we
were close to the end.